The Demand View Toolbar                                                                                 

Demand view toolbar contains icons that apply to the demand options, such as refresh, copy, edit, help, and back.

Fixed Staffing Toolbar

Icons of the demand view toolbar

Icon Description
Refresh – reload the current document that you are viewing.
Copy – make a copy of an existing demand values, you can copy the whole grid or choose period.
Edit – edit an existing demand values
Help – contains a link to the help page.

Copy Demand Tab

Here you can copy a department’s demand. You can copy demand in two different ways, such as From destination to destination or From source to destination.

Read more about the Copy Demand Section:

Copy Icon

Copy Demand

Edit Demand Tab

You can edit your demand values by choosing the department, job type, the min/max demand values, at any time and a day.

Edit Icon

Edit Demand Window

  • Unit– select the department you want to edit
  • Action – select action you want to edit
  • Date – select the date you want to make changes for
  • From Hour – To Hour – select period of time for which you want to make changes
  • Min Value – Max Value – fill the min/max values you want to set up. You can modify only these values what you need. If you want to change only min values, leave empty max values row.