My Page shows you information about your and your co-workers’ schedule and attendances. It could prove to be your favourite source of information about your schedule. Also, you can add/edit shift or attendance note and sent message with attached shift or attendance to your manager or co-workers. You can customise your Page to your own preferences.  It’s up to you what schedule you want to see on the MyPage.


Add/edit your shift or attendance

You can add/edit shift, attendance or note by clicking on the arrow icon:

Portlet Menu

If you choose “Add/Edit Note” you will see the Add/edit note window where is a place for your note.

Edit Note Window

Attach shift or attendance to your message

You can attach shift or attendance to your message by clicking on the arrow icon and selecting Add As attachment

Add As Attachment

You will see the Send message window.

Add Attachment Message

There have been already added your shift as attachment. Choose the message recipients by clicking on the “plus” icon.

Add Recipient

Then select recipients from the Admin List or Employee Tree

Add Employee

Add subject and content of your message. Click on the Send button when you are ready.

The employee to who you sent message will see this message on its Notifications List

Notification Inbox

Message Window

See attached shift on the Planning & Attendance

Click on the loupe icon will bring you to the Planning & Attendance view. In this way you can quickly check your schedule.