New Pay features

In this section you can find new functionalities we add to Pay system.


Release 2.3.0

Release date: 11.10.2021


1. Option to choose if on station SSN is hidden.
Admin can choose if SSN typed by user on station is visible so he can verify if its correct.

2. Remote orders can be generated by mobile app
From now users can make their remote orders by mobile app.


3. Small updates and bugs fixes.


Release 2.1.0
1. Images for Products.
Possibility to add photos of products. Photos are displayed in tablet app.
Product Image

2. Manual order – search by SSN.
New option to search users in manual order. Beside first and last name also SSN can be used to find user.

3. Logs – search user’s orders by user details.
New filter created to ease searching for users orders.

4. Passwords – improvement of change password.
To change admin password it is now not required to know old password.

5. Places – Remote orders deadline.
Canteen manager can limit hours when orders for next day will be created.
Remote orders deadline

6. Groups – filter users by unit.
Users added to group can be displayed by unit they are in.
Users filtered by unit

7. Menu – categories.
Manager can group products in menu by categories. Categories are displayed as submenus in desktop apps.

8. Logs – unit name from MTP.
Unit names from MyTimePlan application displayed in order logs next to group names.

9. Swagger – user count for unit.
New function in swagger that returns employee count for groups.

10. Edge – improved webapp to work with Edge browser.

11. Small updates and bug fixes.