How can I add new employee?


1.    Click the Personnel Tab on the top of the MyTimePlan App
2.    From Sub Menu, click the Employee Tab
3.    Click on the Add new employee Icon
4.    You will see Add new employee Page
5.    Edit employee details, such as User Name, Initials, SSN, Attendance Type, Employee Department, and Job Type
6.    Click Save when you are done
7.    New Employee has been added



How can I edit employee’s details?


1.    Click on the Pencil Icon on the top left of the Employee List
2.    You will see the Employee page
3.    Edit the employee’s details
4.    Save your changes by clicking Save button





How can I change employee’s password?


1.    Find the employee on the Employee List whose password you would like to change
2.    Click on the Pencil Icon on the left of the Employee Name
3.    You will see the Employee page
4.    Click on the Pencil Icon on the top right of the Employee page
5.    You will see Change password window
6.    Enter twice new password
7.    Click Change



Password must contain minimum of 6 characters, include numbers and letters.