The Credits Tab shows values of time added, saved or used in selected period of time. The basic usage of this tab is related to weekly working hours (credit) or vacation time actions. On this table you can check how many days of holidays left or differences between duty and working hours.

There are two toolbars in this tab:

1. Credits Toolbar

2. Credits Filtering Toolbar with “Charge Time Bank” button.

3. Credits table.



Credits Toolbar



Credits toolbar conatains icons:


Icon Description
Filter – you can filter duty columns to display needed only.
Export list – click on icon to export credits or time bank charges to .pdf or .xlsx format file.
Import credits – import credits for employees.
Help – contains a link to the help page.


This feature allows you to choose which “Time Banks” will be displayed.



If name of column is in right box it will ve visible. You can move columns names with mouse or by arrows. You can also change order of displayed columns. First in right box will be first on the left in credits window.

“Hide duty at Credit” option hides added every day to Credits duty hours.

Export list

Export list menu was created to export data to pdf or excel files.




To export “Time bank” data use credits option. This option will display window with settings:



Orientation – upper edge of page might be the longer one (landscape) or shorter (portrait).

Report Type – choose file type the data will be saved in.

Fit width – if turn on it scale colums to fit page, iff turn of scales font to make everything visible.

Columns – choose which columns should be exported and in what order.


To save file click “Generate” button.


Time Bank Charges


This report display “Time bank” charges created by admins and “charge diagrams”.



Orientation – upper edge of page might be the longer one (landscape) or shorter (portrait).

Report Type – choose file type the data will be saved in.

Columns – choose which columns should be exported and in what order:

  • Status -informs if charge is accepted, rejected or waiting for confirmation.
  • Employee -first name and laste name of employee.
  • Date -date when charge was created.
  • Description – note added to charge.
  • Value -value of charge.
  • Author – name of charge creator


To save file click “Generate” button.

Import credits

Beside exporting credit data you can also import them. To do that you have to create special .txt file. You can choose what should be in this file basing on “Import Credits” setting window.



In file can be all 4 values:

  • SSN
  • Date
  • Value
  • Description

Then rows will looks like:


1234567890 ;13.04.2016 ;8,5 ;test description ; (time must be written in decimal units)


You can also move date, value or description to left box and add them manually in lower cells.



Successfully credit import will end with message



Credits Filtering Toolbar


This toolbar allows you to choose time period and employees for which you want to check time values for actions or credit. On the right side of the toolbar there is a quick button “Charge Time Bank”. This button allows you to add additional time or reset it to needed value for selected employees.


“Charge Time Bank” button


When you mar employees and click “Charge Time Bank” button, a manual time bank charge will display where you can make changes of “time banks” values.



The purpose of cells:

  • Employees – add more employees to the list by clicking on “+” icon, or delete them if you click on “x” next to the name.
  • Time Bank – choose for which column you want to change value.
  • Date – choose from when change of value will take place.
  • Value HH:MM – enter value for actions counted by hours.
  • Value days – enter value for actions counted by days.
  • Change type – choose how value you enter should change current data.
  • Description – add note to describe changes.

Credits Table

Credits table shows timebank charges and discharges from period you choose.



Rows of timebank charge shows:

1. Charge date, charge value, sum of values at charge date, edit/delete charge

2. Type of charge

3. Creator of charge

4. Charge description


Purpose of symbols at the bottom of column:


– Add new charge to this timebank


– Make visible also earlier salary periods


Charges created by charge diagrams


Charges can also be created by charge diagrams. These type of charges can automaticaly add to “time bank” or after confirmation. Charge can be confirmed in “edit charge” window.


Charge to confirm or reject:



Accepted charge:



Rejected charge: