There are two types of data that can be imported in employee tab. The data must be in .txt file and have proper format.

Salary base – to import salary base for employees the data must be: SSN;number of salary entry;value;type.

– SSN – SSN number of employee
– number of salary entry – user can have many salary entries

– value – value for salary entry

– type – type of value: hour – 0; month – 1; month schedule proportional – 2

Many salary entries can be importet for one user. To add next salary entry just add it after previous one. For example

SSN;number of first salary entry;value;type;number of second salary entry;value;type;


Employees – here you can choose which data should be imported into application.

Choose data to import

The data in the right window will be imported to database. In .txt file data should be separated by “;” sign. The employee data must contain:

– First Name;Last Name;SSN;Hierarchy;Language;Time Zone;

Example of .txt file:


Tip: You can add couple of units to user by: #management#other

If file is made correct there will be window which shows imported data:

Imported data

To confirm import click on “save” button. If employee data are saved in database the green “birdie” will be displayed next to it.

Import confirmation

To view imported employees, change filter to: “show all” or “show only unemployed”.