Time Management – Planning View                                                                   Click here to see Common Action  


The Time Management Tab shows a table and chart of your company’s staffing demand. You can check here, the full schedule of all your employees. You can view, edit, add and delete shifts, add attendance as needed, and keep useful notes. Each shift can be colour-coded, letting you know at a glance who is doing what at any time. Time Management View contains a lot of helpful options which make the planning process easier.


The Planning View is divided into 4 parts.

1.    The Schedule View Toolbar

Schedule view toolbar contains icons with options that apply to the schedule. From the schedule view toolbar, you can select how you want the schedule to appear. This menu contains icons: click a day, filter, copy, settings, reports, revert,order optimization and find employee.

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2.    The Schedule Filtering Toolbar

The schedule filtering toolbar appears directly under the Schedule View Toolbar. This toolbar allows you to choose part of employees you want to review in selected period of time. You can also change number of days that are displayed on your screen at the same time.

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3.    The Schedule

In the main part of the Time Management screen is the schedule view. It allows you to check schedules of your employees. You can view, edit, add and delete shifts or  attendances and keep useful notes about them. It displays values you previously chose in the schedule filtering toolbar.

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4.    The Chart

The Chart for staffing and demand displays how many people should perform an action at specified time. On the left axis you have staff numbers, and on top, the hours of the day.

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