New in MTP

Hereunder you will find informations about new features and improvements in latest releases.

Release 4.8

1. Display initials in shift label.

Initials can be displayed instead of other indentifaction data of users.

Initials in Label

2. Distinguish shift orders which shifts start shortly.

Orders with shifts that start within time period set in shift market settings are positioned on top of the list of available shift orders.

3. Auto logout.

User session is terminated if no activity is registered for 15 minutes. After that time user need to login again.

Session expired

4. Display subaction in work report.

Setting to display subaction as work report data is now available.

Subaction formula

5. Swagger – new functions:

  • add, update units
  • add extra fields values for users
  • add, delete devices
  • add, edit, delete canteens
  • get real time report data
  • edit employment contract variables for users

6. Bugs fixes and small improvements.


Release 4.7

1. New features for “To do’s” in tasks.


  • unit amount – user can add number to task’s “to do” he made
  • lists – manager can create list of parameters with predefined values, from which user can choose.

To do features

2. Additional data in taskplan push function.

Push funtion for taskplan from now on send also:

  • flight number
  • flight suffix
  • flight date
  • tail number


3. Schedule and DHC diagrams can be charged with markers.

Values from markers can be added in diagrams calculating schedule and DHC time.

4. Password policy implemented in password recovery proccess.

Password recovery works now in accordance to MyTimePlan password policy.

5. Photo can be added to taskplan.

User can add photo to task plan using MyTimePlan mobile app.
TaskPlan Photo

6. Taskplan acknowledgement.

Tasks have option that allows users to confirm that they saw their tasks. Confirmation allows to start work.
Task confirmation

7. Swagger – new functions.


  • add, update, delete skills
  • add, update, delete employments
  • add, update, delete contract
  • add, update, delete salary base
  • get resources and number of absences


8. Webservices – new functions.


  • employment rate can be used instead of weekly hours
  • new employment inherit contract variables from previous employment


9. Canteen in mobile app.

Remote orders can now be made by MTP mobile app.

Mobile remote order

10. Taskplans sorted by pairID in mobile app.

When user takes taskplan with pairID, other tasks with the same pairID will be put on top of the list of available selfassign taskplans.

11. Bugs fixes and small improvements.

Release 4.6

1. New password policy.


  • minimum password length: 8 characters for users, 12 characters for admins
  • password demand at least one digit and letter, can’t include ssn, login, name or three same characters
  • configurable password change period
  • unused administrative accounts blocked if unused for more than 90 days
  • access locked for 30 minutes or unlock by administrator after five failed password type attemptes. To unblock user use this icon in user profile
    Unblock Icon
  • previous 4 passwords can’t be reused
  • logging in with ssn as login disabled.

2. Shift optimization.

Optimized allowed shifts can be now automatically added to users according to rules. To optimize shifts two condition must be fulfilled: demand created from forecast and rules active for optimized unit.
When optimization of shifts is finished user get information about optimization result.Shift Optimization Summary


3. Global Salary Base changes.


  • configurable order
  • description visible in user profile
  • visibility management for unused Salary Bases

4. Work schedule in mobile calendar.

Import work schedule using ICal instead of caldav. Details about configuration you can find under this link:



5. Day Balance Report – period for data show.

Day, week or month can be choosen to display data.


6. Reports – skill card.

New type of report which allows to print skills sheet for users.


7. Find Employee for shift – skill filtering.

Skills available in selected unit are now displayed in “Find employee for shift” window.Skills Filter for find employee for shift


 8. Time of completion of task To Do.

Time of completion of task To Do’s displayed.To Do Completion Time

Information about completion and time can be now send to external systems.


 9. New functions for webclock.

Webclock can register in additional notes values for:

  • Ship in
  • Ship out
  • Task in
  • Task out

10. New formula in Salary Report.

SSN in format XXXXXX-XXXX can be displayed for salary report.



11. Notification “Upcoming work report”.

Notification reminds users and admins about coming group report. Notification can be send one up to 7 days before salary period end


12. Repeat function for Genereated work report as employee, group admin and payroll admin.

Generated work report notifications can be send to users and administrators multiple times if they don’t confirm their reports.


 13. Extended color pallete.

Beside predefined colors, can be set up color by own choice.

Additional Color Pallete


 14. Add and edit functions in Swagger.

Users can be added or edited by swagger module


15. Bugs fixes and small improvements.


Release 4.5

1. Allowed Shifts Templates support skills requirements.

Only users with all required skill can be added to Allowed Shifts Template.

2. Color can be set for each allowed shift in Allowed Shift Templates.

Each allowed shift can have different color within 2 weeks template.

3. Shift adding preferences for user.

User preferences for working time can be set in user profile. Preferences can’t be ignored unless person which add shift has “Rules” access level 4.

4. Allowed Shift Templates names displayed on allowed shifts in mobile and desktop app.


5. Configurable information displayed on shifts in Time Management page.

Information displayed on shift on “Time managment” page is configurable. Available attributes: unit name, unit short name, employee first name, employee surname, from-to, action.

6. Work report availabe for four future periods in mobile app.



7. Day Balance Report available in Time Management.


8. Color function implemented for summary column in Day Balance Report.


9. New Report “Skills” for easier skills maintenance.

Report shows when skills active period will end between choosen border dates.


10. New view for “Notifications” settings page.


11. Configurable send hour for notifications.

Send hour for notifications: “Employees Birthday” and “Stage Begin” can be set.

12. New view for “Employment Extra Fields” page.

13. “External Unit ID” attribute added to Advanced Salary Report.


14. Decimal value display corrected for DK Salary Report.


15. Web Services improvements:

  • Full Time Weekly Hours information in response to call
  • New operations: AddSkill, UpdateSkill, GetSkillGroups.
  • External skill modifications disable editing of name, short name or External Id by GUI.


16. Bugs fixes and small improvements.


Release 4.4

1. Allowed shifts template groups visibility conected with accesses.

User sees only group templates he can edit. Group templates are editable for user if he can manage shifts for users

in unit, group template is set for.

2.  Time banks value computed by date.

Time bank value can be now computed not only for specific number of days but also for date in past.


3. Allowed shift group template assign preview.

When assign to template, it might happen that template shift collide with previously added shift to user. Preview helps to resolve these situations.

4. New view of Actions setting page.

New page to manage actions settings with usefull “edit connections feature.



5. Adding user to allowed shift template group indefinitely.

User can be added to scheme for infinity and unassigned  later in time.



6. Display of role tasks and task plans.

Role tasks and task plans displayed more readable way.


7. Bugs fixes and small improvements.

Release 4.3

1. Global Salary Bases configurator in settings.


2. Allowed shift optimization




3. Units can be ordered by user in hierarchy tree.


Role Tasks – new type of tasks that

can be used as general task

or shift and tasks plans are

used as subtasks.

Pair Tasks – tasks with the same

Pair ID can be chain added to shift.


You can change number of single allowed shift.
User can be added to many allowed shift within allowed shift template.
Chart shows now alongside with shedule and attendances also allowed shift cumulated time.
Allowed shifts template can now has its own individual color.
New access to delete group reports.
Calculates full time duty for one day.
Returns age of user at the end of the current year.
History of changes includes information about shift exchange.

  It is possible to create subunits and move users between them.

Logs includes information about group/unit order is from.

You can search orders by ID or SSN number.

Administrator can change user’s

password without knowing current one.

Edge compability.

ver. 4.0

1. Shift exchanged shifts now better marked.

2. Skills have own tab in personal profile and might have set active period.

3. Administrator can now choose if he want to notification about employment change to be sent.

4. Restricted access to salary base for other users with the same access.

5. Sold out function for allowed shifts. When allowed shift is fully staffed then its not visible for other users.

6. Enhanced access to users statistics, attendances, timebanks etc.

7. Comparsion function in Real Time Report.

8. RMS shows number of hours per day for allowed shifts.

9. “Not done” can be set in To Do as not available.

10. „Drag and drop“ for To Do list.

11. New report that contains all informations about user. You can also anonimize users informations.

12. Viewing past for Employees Task View.

13. Allowed shifts relocated to Time Management site.

14. New Time Managment site.

15. New desing of app that support tablets and smartphones.