Different diagrams are used to different purposes in contracts. There are 8 different types of diagrams:


Canteen diagram is used to manipulate data for canteens.


Date diagram process data not affiliated with shifts/attendances within day period. Date diagrams use baseunit set for user at day of calculations.


If elements in specific order appears in many diagrams, they can be simplify by using prefix diagram where repeating part is copied.

Sched Day

Schedule day diagram takes period of a day to process shifts/attendances.

Sched Salary

Schedule salary diagram takes whole salary period to process shifts/attendances.

Sched Single

Schedule single diagram takes separate shifts/attendances to process.

Sched Week

Schedule week diagram takes shifts/attendances from a week to process.


Special diagrams are used for system settings and timebanks.


1. Reports -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> From To Diagram Element – Ignore when missing

If this option is market – diagram component “From (Clock) To (Clock)” might use shift time if attendance is not present.