Add new employee


On the right is a view of Add new employee

This page is for adding and editing employee details. It allows you to change the Personal and Employment Information. This tab contains details for an employee and can be thought of as sixteen sections:

General Employee Information, Employee Image, Address, Contact, Languag
e and Time Zone, User Prosperities, Attendance Type, Hierarchy, Employee Department Name, Actions, Skills, Comments, Employee Contracts, Employment, Devices and Access Profiles.

Follow the example here.


All fields in Add new employee form can be edited. If you would like to see more or less fields with the employee details, you can change it in Settings > Extra Fields.

Change employee password


On the top right of the Employee Page is toolbar where is the Locker Icon. Clicking on that icon will move you to Change Password window. To change the password enter twice new password and click Change .


Password must contain minimum of 6 characters, include numbers and letters.

General Employee Information


There are general employee information.


  • First name*: field is required
  • Last name*: field is required
  • User Name*: field is required, the username can contain letters and numbers, include both lowercase and capital letters [0-9; A-Z; a-z]

    Note: It’s better to avoid capital letters in your User Name
  • Initials*: field is required
  • SSN*: field is required
  • Employe No: employee number is used by financial and accounting systems
  • Card No*: field is required, the unique number of employee’s card
  • Device ID: must contain only numbers between 1-6 characters
  • Device password: must contain only numbers between 1-6 characters

Employee Image


To add your Employee Image, please click Choose File button and upload a photo from your computer. Maximum picture size is 100×100 pixels. Then it looks good on your profile. This picture will be used for your Business Card, as well as can be visible to any of your colleagues.



Add here the employee’s address information. The address field is required.



Add here your contacts like home and phone number or e-mail address.The mobile and E-mail fields are required.

Time Zone and Language


Select the appropriate Time Zone and Language from drop-down menu. Both of the fields are required.

User Properties


The User Properties define employee type Time Work. In case of a Time Worker, employee is employed for a time period when will be required to work.

Attendance Type


  • Schedule: Field is required. It allows you to add only shifts to the employee work schedule.
  • Clock in/out: Field is required. It allows you to add only attendance to the employee work schedule.
  • You can mark both the Schedule and the Clock in/out checkbox. It means that the employee will be required to have the shift and the attendance in the work schedule.

When Calculating Overtime Duty Hours Come From


Select Duty Hours type



Field is required. Select the employee in the appropriate hierarchy.

Employee Department Name


You can change name of employee department, such as Office, Store, and Account Department. It will be visible in Reports.



Field is required. Select the employee job.

If you would like to add more jobs to employee you have to go to Settings > Actions to add new job. Then go to Settings > Hierarchy to add Job to department branch.



Select the employee skills.



Here you can leave comments about the employee.

Save changes


Click Save button when you finished adding the employee details.

Employee Contracts


Here we are adding contract to employee. We can choose contract from drop-down menu which contains the same contract list you created in Reports system > Contract > Contracts List.

Click on Add Contract button to add contract
In the Add Contract window choose the time period, contract type and unit in needed.



Edit employment details, such as Employment period, Weekly hours, Full time weekly hours, Employment rate, Duty hour’s type and Active Credits.



Duty hours type you are define in Settings > Duty Hours

Click on Add Employment button to add employment
In the Add Employment window select the Employment period, Weekly hours, Full time weekly hours, Employment rate, Duty hour’s type and Active Credits
In the Calculation Period define a rule for time work counting.

There are four possibilities:

  • Clock In – Clock Out
  • Clock In – Schedule Out
  • Schedule In – Clock Out
  • Schedule In – Schedule Out



Lock date is used to block changes in employees’ data according to salary periods. This feature can be used in two ways:

  • When group report is confirmed by everyone, the employees data showed in this report are blocked
  • Can be done manually in “Lock” tab placed in employee profile.

Lock Tab

The Lock date is always end of salary period, even when the end date of report is set to earlier date.


The Lock date blocks:

  • Shifts
  • Attendances
  • Contracts
  • Employment


The only things that can be changed in these elements are “end dates” in contracts and employment, if the date in them is after lock date.
To change the lock date, set up new date in “Lock Date” cell.