The Employees List


In the main part of the Employees screen is the Employees List.  It displays employee or group of employee that you previously chose in the Employee Details filtering toolbar. The Employee List allows you to quickly edit and apply display employees’ information to be visible on your Employee List. You can edit here your employees’ details by clicking on the  button.  Hover your mouse over the employee  icon to see the employee Bussines Card.

By clicking on the column header of the table, such as employee first name, last name, username, SSN etc. you can sort the employees in alphabetical order. 


If you would like to see more columns with the employee details, you can add columns in Settings > Extra Fields.

Business Card


Click on the Employee   Icon to display the Employee’s Business Card which contains the most important information, such as SSN, telephone number, e-mail address, contract details. Also, you can download a report or edit the employee profile.

  Get the Employee Reports by Business Card icon. Click on the icon to display or download a specific report.

  Also, you can edit the Employee profile, just click on the  icon.

How to lay off employee


There are two ways to lay off an employee from your company.


1. By the Quick Buttons
Go to Employee List select a specific employee on the Employee List, then  click on the Employment quick button and choose Close Employment option.  Enter an end date to close an employment.


2. By editing employee’s employment data in its profile


Go to specific employee profile, then display the Employments tab, and click on the edit employment button. Enter an end date to close an employment.