Phases are the periods of time dedicated to planning your company’s schedule. Every phase determines a different stage of the planning process. The number and length of the phases are up to your company’s preferences.


Phase 1 – Green – Employee Requests – In this phase, your employees can plan their future shifts in accordance to their own needs. They mark in schedule days which are important to them. A child’s birthday, a doctor’s appointment, anything – your employees can plan their days off well in advance, usually in preparation for the month ahead.


Phase 2 – Yellow – Employee OPT Here, your employees can see how their supervisor has outlined their upcoming shifts. If their shifts are unsuitable, they still have the chance to change them. The supervisor will have seen what schedule your employee requested, and can then adjust the upcoming schedules around these requests.


Phase 3 – Orange – Admin OPT In phase 3, all requests by employees and changes made by supervisors are handed over to the MyTimePlan Optimisation module to calculate the correct supply and demand of staff.


Phase 4 – Red – Final – In the final stage, your employees’ schedules are produced by MyTimePlan. Only administrators can alter the schedules at this late stage. The schedules at this point will reflect the individual wishes and needs of each individual employee.